Underground VR Experience Launches Kickstarter Campaign.

Location Based Virtual Reality

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on November 27th Tuesday 2018. The Spanish indie video game studio rogue titan games had put and an annunciation of the Kickstarter campaign project for the past several months. They explain that it will their team’s final project for the polytechnic university of Madrid masters. This being the first video game they were to perform the required more fans an thus they came up with the Kickstarter funding campaign which was organized to be launched on November 27th, 2018.

The rogue titan games have a goal of raising a total amount of 8820 euros within a period of 35 days and above. On this campaign, there was a wide range of funding tires from which backers were made to choose from. The first a hundred backers got an early bad deal of 16 Euros. The second deal which was the standard tire was made to be 20 Euros and for those backers who required, many rewards access their tires were a thousand Euros.

The underground VR title is a survival title that advances VR architecture ‌and has a storyline built around those who have escaped death from the earth surface. Many death occurring are always associated with the earth surface. The Kickstarter campaign was meant to ensure the return of the famous descent franchise. They raised the amount of money that will be able to bring back the descent franchise to its own original series.The Kickstarter campaign was successful and it is set working and it is set to start to start working for its objectives and goals.

Descent: Underground
This is a 360 degrees freedom shooter that enables players to travel and move in any desired directions in ship caravans. The Kickstarter campaign was accompanied with games in which the players were made to fight with strange creature using arrays of weaponry and shifting from pistons to harpoons. The activities involved were the heart of utilizing some so as to be capable of seeing through the darker deep ends, foraging supplies to cure poisons and heal wounds among a, a many other recurring activates in the underground services.

Descent underground enables one to pilot ships through twisting and turning channels using unrestricted 3D movements. The Kickstarter campaign is yet to effectively work on this project. Descent underground is characterized by the current technological world games. It can work in destructible terrains that have tunnels and power-ups.

The Kickstarter campaign will facilitate the people sent deep seas to examine the solutions of brink extinction. Being a member of this crew you will have to be separated on deep seas to navigate on yourself and examine the underground covers you have t pass through the flooded passageways. If you manage to survive it shows that you have completed the mission. The descent underground Kickstarter campaign has been aiming to reboot the classic PC shooter and because they managed to raise the required amount they will still work on it to ensure that it has been established.

The underground vr successfully launched the Kickstarter campaign which it has been hoping for a long time. the campaign was closed for 30 years after a 30 years battle. The large number of backers who turned up contributed a lot to this and thus the underground vr is thankful.we are hoping for the best as the launching process was successful.

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