What happens if you plead guilty to a drink drive claim?

Your driver’s license is a very important document. In light of this, it’s very important for you to always have a drink drive solicitor on your side. Drink driving is a serious offence. Many people who find themselves in this situation are aware of the consequences, and that’s why finding a reputable solicitor is always their first step.

A professional solicitor specialising in drink driving cases will listen to you and go through your statements in detail before he or she tells you your options. A good solicitor is the one that is ready and willing to represent you in every step of the way. He or she should be able to represent you in court and tell the court about your side of the story while defending your actions.

There are various ways in which your drink driving case can be twisted, depending on the circumstances of the case. Drink driving case procedures is usually complicated, and chances of facing procedural errors are very high. In the event that the procedural mistakes are significant, there’s a good chance that the case could be dismissed.

What happens if you plead guilty to a drink drive claim?
As mentioned earlier, drink drive is a serious offense. Of course, if you plead guilty you will be convicted and charged with drink driving offense. The penalty that you could be facing depends on how well your solicitor represented you in court and the nature of your case. Usually, the penalty is based on the urine or blood reading, breath level, and many other factors. In addition, your chances are bad if you have been convicted before for the same offense.

The minimum penalty is usually one year ban or three years ban for a second drink drive offense. What’s more, if you plead guilty you could also:

Lose your job Be ordered by the court to undergo complete medical examination before you are allowed to drive again Ordered to enrol for a drink driving rehabilitation program You stand a chance to spend some time in jail; however jail is usually reserved for second time offenders or people who have been found guilty of drink driving offense many times Visa restrictions Your license will show that you have been convicted for drink driving offense for the next 11 years. In addition, professionals such as accountants, solicitors or doctors are required to report to their regulatory body that they have been convicted for drunk driving.

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