Free Boiler Anyone? Five Key Things You Should Know About the UK Boiler Replacement Scheme

Unless you have just landed from outer space, it is likely that you have heard of the UK government’s boiler replacement scheme. Under the program, individuals that meet specific criteria, and are on particular benefits, qualify for an all-new, completely free or heavily subsidised boiler.

You heard right; a free boiler might be out there with your name written all over it just waiting for you to collect. All that’s left is to figure out if you meet the said criteria. So, here are five of the essential things you should know about the boiler replacement scheme.

The Boiler Grants Shall Continue Until the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Closes up Shop

The ECO was the company mandated by the UK government to run the scheme. Accordingly, the organisation has been operating since February 2013 and has been busy issuing grants to all that qualify. Energy suppliers, on their part, have already committed to funding the grant kitty to the tune of £1.3 billion for every year the firm remains operational. As it stands, though, the organisation is expected to wind up come September 2018.

The Boiler Replacement Scheme has an Overly Strict Criteria

As mentioned earlier, the above scheme is not open to all and sundry. There are many hoops to jump over before receiving the grant. For instance, pensioners need to show receipt of Pension Guarantee Credit. Nope, proof of state pension alone will not suffice to secure the boiler grant.

Only Homeowners can Apply

If you are a tenant, the application process just got a little tougher for you. The rules regulating the fund stipulate that only landlords can apply for the above grant. Should you be a tenant that is renting privately; your application will only be considered if you show you had obtained permission from your landlord. Such an agreement can, however, be verbal.

Your Present Boiler must be Grossly Inefficient

Your boiler must be less than 86% efficient and have a rating of between Bands C & B and G. A boiler’s rating is, however, easy enough to determine. One only needs to establish the model and make of your boiler. Boilers rated A & B are classified under condensing boilers and don’t meet the criteria for replacement at present.

The Scheme Covers Various Boiler Types

The boiler replacement scheme covers a number of boilers. Primarily, it includes non-condensing gas boilers and condensing boilers having less than 86% efficiency. At present, however, the ECO has started receiving and processing applications for electric heaters, oil boilers and LPG boilers too.

By the end of 2018, it is estimated that some 2.5 million households shall have benefited from the boiler replacement scheme. Your household should not be left out as others incur energy savings and receive cheaper energy bills. Visit an ECO office near you and find out what you can do to qualify for the scheme.

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